Panel FAQs

What are the key differences between the ES300, ES600, and ES1200 panels?

The ES300 has a power output of 300W, the ES600 is 600W, and the ES1200 is 1200W, making them suitable for different treatment areas and purposes.

What wavelengths do these panels emit?

All three panels emit both red (660nm) and near-infrared (850nm) wavelengths.

How can I choose the right panel for my needs?

Consider the size of the treatment area and the desired intensity of therapy. The ES300 is ideal for targeted treatment, while the ES1200 covers larger areas.

Can these panels be used for pain relief?

Yes, they are designed to help alleviate joint and muscle pain.

Do these panels improve skin health?

Absolutely! They promote collagen production, improve skin tone, and reduce wrinkles.

Are these panels suitable for athletes?

Yes, they can aid in muscle recovery and enhance athletic performance.

How far should I place the panel from my body?

For optimal results, keep the panel about 6-12 inches away from your skin.

How long should a treatment session last?

Sessions can range from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your treatment goals.

Can I use these panels daily?

Yes, they are safe for daily use.

Are protective eyewear or goggles necessary during sessions?

It's recommended, especially if you're using the panels for facial treatments.

Do the panels emit heat?

No, they produce minimal heat, ensuring your comfort during sessions.

Can I combine panels for a full-body treatment?

Yes, you can connect multiple panels for customized full-body setups.

Are these panels portable?

Yes, they are lightweight and easy to move or store.

Do they come with a warranty?

Yes, all panels come with a 3 manufacturer's warranty for your peace of mind.

What is the lifespan of these panels' LEDs?

The LEDs are rated for over 100,000 thousand of hours of use, providing long-lasting benefits.

Can these panels help with sleep issues?

Yes, they can improve sleep patterns when used before bedtime.

Are there any age restrictions for using these panels?

They are safe for users of all ages.

Can I use them with other treatments or therapies?

Consult a healthcare professional before combining treatments.

Do these panels require any maintenance?

Minimal maintenance is needed. Keep the LEDs clean and ensure proper ventilation.

Where can I find more information on using these panels?

Visit our website for user manuals, videos, and FAQs or reach out to our customer support team via 24/7 chat for guidance.

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